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This brief makes recommendations for improving Bill C-78, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The recommendations are summarized in the first part of the brief. The second part of the brief sets out discussion and recommendations on a section by section basis.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law Association
Publication Date: January 1990
Pages: 6

The B.C. Waste Management Act, SBC 1982, c. 41, as amended, (WMA), is the primary pollution control statute in British Columbia. It prohibits pollution generally, except pursuant to permits or other authorizations issued under the Act.

Author: Andrews, William J.
Publication Date: September 1989
Pages: 8

Toxic contamination issues are not a new problem. What is new is the widespread concern about toxic contamination among the general public, in business and in government.

Author: Braul, Waldemar; Russell, James; Andrews, William
Publication Date: July 1989
Pages: 48

A colouring book aimed at teaching ecological values to children. Reissued as an online publication in 2005.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation; Illustrations by Stacey Muchowski
Publication Date: July 1986
Pages: 20